1. Grit
  2. Leadership
  3. Happy
  4. Networker
  5. Selfless
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. Technical


  1. Procrastinator
  2. Impatience
  3. Focus
  4. Negotiation
  5. Financial Responsibility
  6. Emotional Communication

External Analysis


  1. Persistence
  2. Ingenuity
  3. Creativity
  4. Entrepreneurial Spirit
  5. Technically Savvy
  6. Funny
  7. Positivity


  1. Lack of Focus
  2. Financial Responsibility
  3. Prioritization
  4. Quick to Trust
  5. Distracted

I saw a lot of commonalities from the responses I received from my external analysis.  It was interesting to find out that weaknesses I saw, others saw too.  My main focus is growing my startups and I like that people see me as an entrepreneur.  I think a key driver in my image is my biweekly postings of my life.  I post about my 2 startup, educational, and professional journeys.  The post are a way of letting people know what I have been up to and where I am going.  I am happy with what people currently see my brand as, but of course there is always room for improvement.

I am Eddy Mejia a computer engineer, military veteran, entrepreneur, and current MBA Candidate.  With my skillset and past experiences, I am building ideas that help people and will one day help the world.

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